Welcome to CodeTrain!

Welcome to CodeTrain!  CodeTrain is a team of Computer Science Educators committed to expanding and improving CS programs across Canada.  Formed in 2018, it is led by a team based in Edmonton, Alberta with support from TakingITGlobal, the College Board and advised by teachers, NGOs and industry professionals from across Canada.   Our goal is to improve student access to Computing Science in Canada through quality teacher professional development.  Our resources are designed to be used by teachers in any province (or country), providing any curriculum framework.

Latest Announcement

CodeTrain's Complete Teacher Resource Package

Posted by scouprie on March 23rd, 2021

The Codetrain Teachers Resource Package is getting rave reviews from teachers across Canada.  The ideas and lessons are being adopted and adapted both by seasoned Computer Science teachers and teachers with little to no CS background.  Thanks to the sponsorship of Taking It Global, these resources are free for you to use in your classroom.

The package includes:

  • Complete daily lesson plans for a 1 Year CS program or a 2 Year CS program. 
  • Fully coded examples to accompany the lessons
  • Assignment and activities to accompany the lessons
  • Samples of real student work to give you a feel for what students can accomplish on each assignment

The complete package is available here.

Contact us at Codetra.in to learn more about our PD sessions to help you get the most out of our package.

CodeTrain's Learn to Program Bootcamp for Teachers

Codetrain's Learn to Program Bootcamp for Teachers is a great crash course in programming.  This video series is designed for teachers who desire an introduction to core coding concepts and/or who would like an introduction to the P5.js programming language.  It is designed to work with our Teaching Resource Package which contains lesson plans for either P5.js or the Processing language.  The differences between these two close cousins (P5.js and Processing) are discussed in the videos.

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