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A HUGE thank you to all who have joined us in this program and community! This program has come to an end with our 6th and final session being hosted last night, however, we encourage you to keep sharing your ideas in the "Discussions" and "Gallery" tabs throughout the school year so you can continue to learn and engage with us and other teachers in this program. We absolutely loved learning with you and are so excited to see these projects be brought to your classroom! 

As a reminder, if you missed any sessions,  please check out the "Resources" Tab in the left column under "Classroom Tools" to view the recordings. Please don't forget to log your attendance in them as well! 

Please also take a moment to complete the program Exit Survey HERE (or by visiting Classroom kits will be sent to the first 100 educators to complete this program* - and each kit will feature the NEW micro:bit (10 of them will be included in this kit for your students!). 

*to be eligible in receiving a classroom kit, you must attend/view ALL sessions and complete the Exit Survey. Limit of 1 classroom kit per school, available to Canadian educators only. Kits are expected to arrive in the New Year.

Keep Calm and Code On,

Barb, Kelsey, and the Code to Learn Team.

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Posted by kelseymckibbon on 27 Oct 2020

Welcome Educators! We’re excited to share this new program to support teaching the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals through coding in your classroom! This program will connect you with like-minded individuals, develop your design thinking skills, deepen your understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and build the knowledge to teach these skills to your students. 

Please ensure you have completed the registration form ( so that we may ship you your Coding Change kit.

This learning virtual classroom space will contain webinar recordings, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and additional resources to support your learning in this course and beyond in its application in your classroom.

Classroom Kit Criteria: To qualify for the free Classroom Kit, you must attend all 6 sessions and complete the program exit survey. We recommend you join all 6 LIVE sessions as this will prioritize your spot. If you are unable to make a session, we recommend viewing the session recording (posted every Friday in the resources tab) so that you have the opportunity to regain your spot. We also encourage you to team up with other teachers from your school if you do need to miss a live session, as the classroom kits are limited 1 per school. Only 100 classroom kits are available. 

Webinar sessions will be hosted every Tuesday 7-8p.m. EST beginning September 22 and ending on October 27, 2020. The session link will be sent to your email, but you can always check back here for the link posting also!

As a learner, you will:

- Develop design thinking, computational thinking and coding skills through inquiry and exploration.
- Increase or develop an understanding of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and their inter-relatedness
- Investigate global issues that impact you and your local community
- Be empowered to take action to make the world a better place

Don't have your CodingChange kit yet? Not to worry, the micro:bit also has a web-based simulator so you can get started with the first session without any hardware.

This program will dive right into learning the SDGs through coding the micro:bit. If you’re new to or out of practice with coding and micro:bits please check out the Code to Learn Micro:bit course at - it too is free and will help jumpstart your learning in this course.

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