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Code To Learn with Connected North

Posted by Peter Skillen on 4 Mar 2021

What is CanCode?

The CanCode program, funded by the Canadian government, supports educational opportunities for coding and digital skills development for Canadian youth from kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12). It also supports initiatives that provide K-12 teachers with the training and professional development they need to introduce digital skills, coding and related concepts into the classroom.

The program aims to equip youth, including traditionally underrepresented groups, with the skills and study incentives they need to be prepared for the jobs of today and the future. Canada's success in the digital economy depends on leveraging our diverse talent and providing the opportunity for all to participate—investing in digital skills development will help to achieve this.

What is Can Code To Learn?

Code To Learn is a Socially Inclusive, Student-Centred Approach to Coding
TakingITGlobal is one of the funded CanCode initiatives and many Canadian educators have already become involved through their successful application to our Code To Learn project. Code to Learn offers free LYNX coding software to engage students in Canadian schools, and is working with educators to co-design curriculum activities & Coding Challenges. Rather than only focusing on "learning to code", Code to Learn supports educators in diverse subject areas such as art & science, leveraging coding activities to meet broad curricular goals and offering Lynx in Canadian English, French, Ojibwe, Mi'kmaq, and Mohawk, (with other Indigenous languages in development).

What is the 'Code to Learn with Connected North' Project?

Educators across the Connected North network were invited to participate in three workshops to build their knowledge and skills around computational thinking and coding across the curriculum.  (CLICK ON 'RESOURCES' on the left for access to the resources.)

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